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You join a video conference call. You’re one of nine faces on the screen. About 10 minutes into the call, your mind starts to wander and you realize you have no idea what the last person just said. You pretend to keep listening while also checking your inbox. By the end of the meeting, you’ve caught up on some email but ultimately feel like it was another waste of time. For many of us right now, this scenario sounds all too familiar.

Too often, meetings are not a good use of time. They often have no agenda or clear takeaways. They are boring. Sometimes half the attendees didn’t even need to be there. But how do we break this pattern of unproductive meetings? We all know you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

At Orai, our vision is to help people improve their communication skills. In the post-COVID world, majority of our communication is now happening on video conferencing tools like Zoom. So we decided we would become the meeting experts and help people diagnose and fix their meetings at work.

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