We Believe in Good Communication

We built Orai because we know that strong communication skills open doors in all aspects of life - whether at work, in your community, or with family & friends. We want to make a world full of confident communicators!

We Work from Around the World

Our headquarters is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But our team works from Kansas, New York, Spain, India, South Korea, & Germany!
Danish Dhamani
Co-Founder, CEO
Paritosh Gupta
Co-Founder, CTO
Aasim Sani
Co-founder & Growth
Daniel Lee
Senior Backend Engineer
Alejandro Portillo Guerrero
Senior iOS Developer
Tapan Modh
Senior Android Developer
Magali Ros
Lead QA Engineer
Hannah Davis
Senior Data Scientist
Vidur Satija
AI Intern
Felicia Alfieri
Head of User Experience
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